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''....the labourer is worthy of his Wages...'' Luk. 10:7.

Here at Winners Chapel International, Dartford, there is a place for everyone. We have many opportunities for every person to minister and in turn, be ministered to.  Take the time to explore the different ministry opportunities and take the time to serve and get involved.

You can register your interest to join a Service Unit by completing the service unit form in the link below or collect a form at the Protocol Stand, complete and submit the form to the Protocol Unit or Deacons Board Desk.  God bless you and may you reap the great benefits of Kingdom service in Jesus name.


Minister in songs and lead worshippers in praise and worship sessions.

Information Technology (IT)

Support all information technology and internet based operations of the church.
This includes and not limited to:
– Streaming live services on the church website and other platforms.
– Uploading service message archive to the church website and other platforms.
– Managing church website and related websites
– Support Children Church registration activities.
– Supporting WMA IT Infrastructure.


-Responsible for video coverage and recording of all service and church events.
-Projection of scriptures, songs and announcement during services and events.
-Effective functioning of the audio-visual equipment during services and other church events.


– Receive, direct and guide worshipers to their seats during services.
– Attend to members inquiries during the services.
– Maintain orderliness in the Church Auditorium before and during the services.
– Support the Communion service by coordinating the congregation.
– Distribution of publications to worshipers.
– Counting and Collating worshipers service Attendance Report.


-Greet and welcome worshipers and first timers into the auditorium.
-Support and assist the elderly and disabled in and out of the church auditorium.
-Register and support new converts.


– Welcome special guests and provide relevant information to worshipers.
– Counting and collating of church attendance during services.
– Customer Service arm of the church. This includes activities such as:
– Organisation and coordination of the counselling sessions
– Support prompt recovery of lost properties.
– Processing Kingdom service forms for all members.


– Transcribe and edit messages to be written to CDs and other storage media.
– Take photographs to support social media engagement and production of publications.
– Manage the church’s social media platforms.


– Responsible for the printing of bulletins and fliers such as Chronicle of
Miracles and Outreach materials etc.
– Recording messages to compact devices and other storage


Provide first aid and also attend to medical emergencies of worshipers during church services.

Crowd Control

Coordinate the orderly human traffic within and outside the auditorium during church services.

Parks and Garden

Responsible for the horticultural beautification and landscaping of the church premises. This includes:
– Cutting the grass around the campus and trimming perimeters fences, removing
– Planting new flowers, watering and pruning the flowers.

Teens Church

Responsible for coordinating the activities and worship service of the teenagers.


Coordinate worshipers commute to and from church in the church buses from and to pre-arranged points.

Childrens Church

-Present the gospel to the children at their level of understanding.
-Teaching and sharing of the word in accordance with the theme of the month.
-Smooth running of operations of the children’s church.

Sanctuary Keepers

Maintain general cleanliness of the auditorium, halls, facilities and the entire church premises, before and after all services and other church events.


Ensure orderliness, safety of life and property within and around the church premises during services. This includes and not limited to:
– Carry out surveillance exercises and regular patrol of the entire premises in
order to avert irregularities.
– Monitor the environs to ensure safety and security of members during services.
– Monitor to ensure members do not park in the neighbouring estate.


Decorate and beautify the auditorium and church halls.


– Coordinating the smooth movement of vehicles in and out of the church
premises and its car parks.
– Coordinating the parking of vehicles on and off the premises.


Resolve urgent facility related issues that may occur during services and other church activities.


Support the sales of spiritual books and material from the Church Bookshop.


Prayer Squad

Stand in the gap through prayers for the church and its members.

Winning Foundation School

Nurture new converts in the faith and enlighten first time worshippers on the mandate of the church.


Reach out to souls in prisons, visit the elderly and rough sleepers on our streets.

Follow Up

Responsible for following up and establishment of new converts and first time worshippers on the mandate of the Church.

Youth Alive Fellowship

Our Youth and Singles ministry at Winners Chapel International, Dartford is designed in a unique way to enhance the value of every individual and set them up for supernatural accomplishments. This ministry is specifically focused on raising people with a difference.

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