Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, where unto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. (1 Timothy 6:12) Kings James Version

As children of God almighty we must fight the good fight of faith. Life is not fair; it does not give us what we deserve. Rather, life gives us what we demand by faith (Matthew 11:12). Faith is one of the weapons of our warfare against the devil. There are several signs of a true believer and one of the signs is the power to cast out demons as we fight the good fight of faith (Mark 16:18). In other to reach the promised land, there are giants lying in wait (Deuteronomy 2:24). As such, we need to be spiritually equipped to fight. There will always be viruses attacking us and even though they come like a flood, God will lift up a standard against it (Isaiah 59:19). God’s word also says at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow (Philippians 2:10). However, we need to engage in the power of violent faith to sail through the challenges we encounter.

Previously, we learnt that faith is not a religious theory, but a mystery of the Kingdom and we established that faith is not a gentle touch but a violent force. Faith is also a fight and it is the master-key to a world of unlimited possibilities. It is  taking full responsibility in light of God’s word. We then highlighted the brands of wine that trigger violent faith and these wines include the Holy Ghost Wine, Revelation Wine, Prayer Wine and Testimony Wine. Finally, we concluded that violent faith is fearless and spiritually resolute as we established the characteristics of violent faith. In this edition, we learn more about how to engage violent faith for our supernatural breakthrough.


What Is Faith?

Faith is not a beggarly force; it is a conquering force. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world (Daniel 3:1-18). It is faith that moves the hand of God to work on our behalf and makes us conquer (Romans 8:37).

Faith is not a dormant force it is a violent force (Mark 2:1-12). Daniel did not beg when he was thrown into the lion’s den because he had tremendous faith in God (Daniel 6:3-22). To deactivate the works of the enemy, we need faith.

Why Do We Need Violent Faith?

There is always a ‘Red Sea’ to cross before we get to our promised land and we need violent face to get across (Exodus 13:17-18; Isaiah 30:21). Every challenge we face builds us up for the next level of our breakthrough.

Spiritual Brands Of Wine That Trigger Violent Faith

THE VISION WINE– Vision is God’s mandate for our life (Habakkuk 2: 1-20). It is the unfolding of Gods plan in our lives: What we see is what we seize. If we can see where we are going, nothing can stop us. When we know our vision, we hardly sleep because the vision wine drives us, and it makes us unstoppable (1 Corinthians 9:16). It is vital that we have enough spiritual fire to propel us to our God given destiny through our vision. We write our vision and check it as God speaks to us. If it is not documented, then it is not a vision (Jeremiah 20:9).

THE LOVE WINE– The love wine is a strong trigger for violent faith (1 John 4:18). If we truly love God, nobody can stop us. It was the love trigger that brought Jesus Christ down to us (John 3:16). Love driven believers are intoxicated believers and they do not allow anything to separate them from God (Romans 8:35-38). It takes a heart that loves God to damn all the consequences and still have faith in Him (Daniel 3:17).

What Are The Characteristics Of The Violence Of Faith?

It carries more than a conqueror disposition in battle – A man that has violent faith carries a more than conqueror disposition in battle. His eyes shall be red with wine and it’s teeth like milk (Genesis 49:12). No matter the challenge, a conqueror sees victory (Proverbs 30:30).

It is authoritative and assertive – Men of violent faith are authoritative and assertive (Mark 4:35-41). They speak with authority and have no fear because they speak knowing that they are backed by the power in Jesus Christ. In the journey of life there will always be challenges but we must ensure that Jesus is in our boat. The absence of Christ in our life leads to a life of crisis. We must pray without fear, be bold and authoritative. We must never be afraid because the devil magnifies the problem through fear.

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