Community Development

Winners Chapel International, Dartford is a registered Charity in England.

Winners Chapel Intl Dartford Charitable Activities

Donation to YMCA

Winners Chapel International Dartford madea donation of £10,000 (Ten Thousand Pounds Only) to YMCA.

Darrent Valley Hospital - Children’s Waiting Room Decoration

 Children’s Waiting Room Decoration

Visiting a hospital can be a stressful time for children and their families especially given waiting times for appointments. 

Winners Chapel International Dartford donated £20,000 for the decoration of the children’s waiting room at Darent Valley Hospital to make the stay of the children as pleasant as possible for both the children and their families. This provides for a safe play area and also an ambient atmosphere for relaxation and hopefully help the children forget that they are in a hospital.


Donations to Hospital Building Projects

Hospital Building Projects

£10,000 each was contributed towards Great Ormond Street Hospital and Evelina Children Hospital towards the Hospital Redevelopment

Fund and the expansion of the neonatal unit respectively.

Our involvement with these hospitals also included engagement of the Winners Chapel Choir with their annual Christmas Carols for patients, their families and staff.

Dartford Churches Cold Weather Shelter

Since 2013 Winners Chapel International Dartford has worked with several churches in the Dartford area to provide comfortable sleeping places for homeless people in the Dartford area especially during the cold winter months of December to April.

Over the last five years Winners Chapel International has donated £25,000 to this course and also provided volunteers to host the guest through the night.

Homeless guests are usually received by 7 pm when hot meals are provided for them. They are also able to have a warm bath and spend the rest of the evening in the company of the volunteers where they can engage in several entertainment activities.

Laundry Facility for Homeless in Gravesend

Winners Chapel International Dartford donated £5,000 towards the installation of a brand-new laundry facility to cater for the growing demand to wash the cloths of homeless guest who visit Sanctuary, the homeless shelter in Gravesend.

The existing laundry machine in the facility was designed more for home use which meant long wait times for guest to wash their clothes.

Grenfell Tower fire - Disaster Relief

Over the years Winners Chapel International Dartford has contributed tens of thousands of pounds towards disaster relief efforts including

the relief to Haiti earthquake survivors through British Red Cross, Burma and more recently the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.


Youth Christmas Outreach Program

The National Youth Alive Fellowship conducted an outreach program that delivered Christmas themed food hampers to two care homes and one hospice as well as Christmas gift bags delivered to hospitalised children at four locations. Additionally, they were able to minister in song at some of the locations by singing Christmas carols to the residents.

The locations visited included:

  1. Wisdom Hospice (Medway Community Healthcare),
  2. Sonya Lodge Care Home
  3. Broad Oak Manor Bupa Care Home
  4. Darent Valley Hospital
  5. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich
  6. Tunbridge Wells Hospital
  7. Medway Maritime Hospital

The program was a great success. A total of 108 hampers were hand delivered across three locations and gift bags were provided to 83 children at four locations.

Both the Resident Pastor and Assistant Resident Pastor were in attendance at these visits.

Skill Acquisition Trainings

Winners Chapel International Dartford delivered several skill acquisition trainings to over 60 candidates in 2016.

These trainings included Security and CCTV, Beauty and Manicure, English language and CV preparation and interviewing skills training.

The focus of these trainings was to equip attendees with the skills required to secure jobs in their desired `professions. The trainings were fully paid for by Winners Chapel International and transportation provided as required.

Training attendees were issued with certificates after successful completion of their course and also offered assistance with their job search.