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Mr & Mrs J.

Raised from the dead

My wife had a caesarean section and bled till she was confirmed dead at the hospital. After seven and a half hours, the zonal pastor of the Living Faith Church Houston, USA came to pray for her. He came with some kingdom mysteries including the mantle (prayer cloth), anointing oil and the communion. He placed the mantle at the site of operation in her tummy and anointed her body. He also gave me the Holy Communion and said that since my wife and I are one, the communion will work in her body as well. Thereafter, we engaged in high praises and behold my wife who was dead for seven and a half hours came back to life during the praise session. Praise the Lord!

R. O.

Deliverance from sudden death

While in a bus on my way from church last Saturday, the devil attacked me by making breathing difficult. I was beginning to lose strength and consciousness. During this ordeal I declared that I shall not die but live. I also stood my ground stating that nothing bad can happen to me as I was coming from God’s house. To the glory of God, my strength was restored. I am alive and healthy today by God’s grace. Praise the Lord!

O. A.

Supernatural restoration via praise

I suffered from a disease called avascular necrosis of the femoral head for over 23 years. As a result, the left femoral head was flat at the socket and protruded around the hip. My left leg was about 4 centimetres shorter and thinner than the right leg. It often resulted in pains around my hip for several years. During the Hosanna service in August, I heard cracking bones but thought it was my imagination. I asked God to make my knees equal. Nevertheless, I danced during the praise session. I gave thanks to the Lord and He healed me. My legs are now equal. I can walk properly and no longer feel pain. Praise the Lord!

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